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Quehenberger kamioni

Quehenberger, the new renter of the space of the KLP 1 Logistics Centre

AUGUSTIN QUEHENBERGER GROUP, a holding company for strategic and operative management of quality-oriented logistic companies with the head office in Strasswalchen near Salzburg, is the new renter of the property KLP in Šimanovci, which will be their main centre in the Republic of Serbia.

Quehenberger, novi zakupac dela prostora KLP-a

This logistic group is active in 85 locations in 19 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and is specialized for comprehensive, modern logistic solutions – from transport management to the solutions for individual networks, contractual logistics and industrial solutions.

With the long-term contractual rent of the new storage and office space – the logistic centre KLP in Šimanovci which meets all the technological requirements of a renowned logistic company, KLP company wishes them a warm welcome, as well as the full support for their further development on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.