, 2, 3 are designed as a most modern multi-purpose warehouses with the possibility of racking and floor storage of goods.
The surface area of the storage of the KLP 1 is on the ground floor 17,000 m2 with 4,000 m2 of accompanying office facilities within the volume of the building, above the zone for loading and unloading of trucks and vans. A flexible solution has been designed creating a space that can be divided into 10 modules and rented by more than one leaseholder.
The KLP 2 has an area of 7000m2, while the KLP 3 facility has a total area of 10350m2, of which 7900m2 is warehouse space, 2450m2 of office space.
Facility KLP 3 is divisible into 7 modules.



The construction is made of steel columns and steel lattice girders. The clear height of the building is 11.5 m and it can be used for storing up to 7 pallets vertically. The dimensions of the columns of 25 m x 17.25 m enables the distance between the pallet racks of 3.2 m and 1.8 m.



The space is designed so that it can be divided into as much as 10 modules from 1,000 m² to 2,000 m² of independent warehouses. In addition, there are 38 loading docks for loading and unloading of trucks and vans.



The characteristic of its architectural design is a dynamic and simple form that emphasizes and symbolizes the speed of modern life and a fast manner of the logistic centre operating, which can easily be adapted to different desires of future leaseholders.

The design was made in accordance with the FM GLOBAL standards of fire protection and the LEED standard.